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Getting Started with ZiffTalk Click-to-Call Involves:

* No Cost, Zero Risk & 5-Minute of Setup Time
* Greater Sales, Better Tracking & More Conversions


Ease of Setup

Lowest Cost

Rich Feature Set

How much can ZiffTalk reduce website abandonment?
How much can ZiffTalk improve inbound inquiries?
How much can ZiffTalk increase online revenues?
Up to 45%
How much can ZiffTalk improve customer satisfaction?
Up to 88%

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Why is Click-to-Call a more effective online sales tool than Live Chat?

ZiffTalk's Click-to-Call service is web-based service that enlivens your website by encouraging visitors to call you instantly when they encounter any questions or problems.

In 2003, ZiffTalk pioneered the self-serve ASP model for click-to-talk, which allows for low cost, easy setup and a rich feature-set, and remains the world's leader today with multiple new clients signing up everyday. View clients currently benefiting from ZiffTalk.

ZiffTalk's ease of setup is legendary. Clients have been up and running in as little as 5 minutes. 3 easy steps to get started:
  • 1. Register an account online and login to your Web Management Interface.
  • 2. Create a service Phone Link by simply entering your phone number and clicking a 'Submit' button.
  • 3. ZiffTalk creates your custom Phone Link java code automatically, and you just copy and paste it into your website anywhere you want to attract calls and reduce abandonment.

No hardware or software to buy and manage. No special training necessary for sales reps or call center agents, since the service drives phone calls to your phone lines just as if the visitors were calling directly.

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With ZiffTalk's Basic Plan, there is no initial signup fee and no ongoing monthly fee. It is Free to maintain. Only Pay when it Performs!

Indeed, you are only charged when the service actually performs in driving potential customers to call you. Additionally, ZiffTalk's low Performance Fees reduce further with volume-base discounts.
No hardware costs. No software costs. No special training costs. Only Performance Fees when you actually recieve inbound inquiries.
ZiffTalk revolutionized Internet-to-phone CIM as the very first provider to offer low-cost self-serve Click-to-Call service. We then pioneered the no-cost "performance-only" pricing model which made Click-to-Call a completely no-risk proposition for every business on the web interested in getting more calls, converting more sales, and generating more revenue.

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ZiffTalk's ASP Web Service approach means features are constantly and seamlessly added and upgraded to the platform. Since we were the first and are the largest, ZiffTalk's feature-set is the richest:
  • 1. Comprehensive Web Management Interface. Easily create Phone Links, customize graphics and audio messaging, setup availability schedule, view and download real-time Call Activity reports, assign monthly Service Budget, setup Auto-Deposit function, enter Paid Search (such as Google, MSN and Yahoo!) conversion tracking code, access International calling, and upgrade or downgrade Service Plans all from the account management dashboard. Efficient!
  • 2. Call Activity Reporting. Access and download real-time Call Activity Reports which detail time, date and duration of the call; the visitors' phone number, email and name; and the Phone Link and the web page URL from which the call was intiated. Allows for comprehensive CRM and analysis for website optimization. Ask about our API. Complete!
  • 3. Unlimited Phone Links & Channels. ZiffTalk's unlimited Phone Link allowance sets it far apart from its competitors who normally charge anywhere from $5 to $50 (Liveperson) per Phone Link (or seat). For example, with ZiffTalk one Phone Link can support a call center of 100 operators, but it would require 100 seat licenses from our competitors. Likewise, a business with 50 sales branches nationwide with direct phone lines would require 50 unique Phone links, which are at no additional cost with ZiffTalk but not so with our competitors. Economical!
  • 4. Customizations. ZiffTalk clients can easily, from their account web dashboard, custom brand the Click-to-Call 'Call-to-Action' image, the graphic images of the popup Call Window, and the audio greeting visitors hear when connected. Matching the look, feel and sound of your corporate branding has never been easier. Flexible!
  • 5. Conversion Tracking. Spending dollars on Pay-per-Click advertising, but not sure how to analyze and optimize when it comes to offline sales? Only ZiffTalk's Conversion Tracking allows you to enter Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc conversion tracking code into your Click-to-Call interface. Now you can explicitly measure, compare and optimize the effectiveness of all your online Ad campaigns in terms of incoming calls. Valuable!
  • 6. Offline Call Tracking Integration. Want to track the effectiveness of an integrated online and offline marketing campaign that includes online search marketing, as well as direct mail, radio, and print channels? Only ZiffTalk provides toll-free phone numbers for offline advertising and integrates the Call Connection Actiivity Reporting of these channels with the online calls through the Phone Links. Comprehensive! Available for Premier Plan accounts only, and a nominal additional monthly service fee applies.
  • 7. Advanced Solutions For clients who require greater attention, ZiffTalk can provide many advanced custom functions, features and solutions not detailed above. View our Enterprise Client page for more details or Contact us to inquire.

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